Finn & Bear – Our New Local

The Shore’s latest and most talked about addition.

As frequent visitors of Finn & Bear‘s two 2 predecessors, ‘Leith Beer Company’ and more recently ‘The Salvation of Leith’, we were naturally eager to try the latest addition to the Shore. We have visited their sister restaurant, The Pantry in Stockbridge a number of times in the last two years since we moved into our Leith flat, however F&B is only a stones throw from home and as such we’ve definitely adopted it as our new ‘local’.

Within the opening week we had maybe been there on three or FOUR occasions, but with Breakfast/Brunch, Lunch, Dinner, Bar Snacks and numerous tasty Cocktails to try from, there was a lot of different but very enjoyable dates to be had here. A special mention should also be given to their Coffees and fresh Orange Juice, which have never failed to make our Brunch that bit better. (Roseleaf better watch their back!)


The Stars of the Show

IF we were to mention every enjoyable meal we’d had at Finn and Bear so far… well, we’d be here a very long time. However, these are the STAND OUT dishes for us. The ones we’d most likely request as our last meal. Our Cheat Day meals. And the ones that have us going back again and again.

1. Finn’s House Waffles

Very rarely do I repeat order the same dish within a couple of weeks, especially when there are so many other amazing options. This is the exception.

House made Belgian style waffles, blueberry compote, fresh blueberries, maple syrup (£9.35) AND bacon (+£2.50)

A little controversial, but totally delicious- blueberries, bacon and waffles are definitely a match made in heaven and we are so in.

2. Smashed Crab Bacon

As a self-confessed fish loathing foodie, I was of course going to swap the crab in this dish for streaky bacon (no brainer). No Leith/Edinburgh brunch spot would be complete without Avocado on the menu somewhere! This, was the first item on their ‘all day’ menu I had tried since the much loved house waffles, and so my expectations were set pretty high.

Smashed Bacon

Smashed avocado, toasted corn, yellow pepper pico de gallo, perfectly poached free range hen’s egg, hand picked Uist crab, Virgina cured streaky bacon (£9)

Of course, F&B pulled it out the bag. This is the perfect combination of classic eggs, bacon  and toast but with all the yummy smashed avo, salsa fresca and sweet toasted corn it is the brunch of dreams.

3. Bar Snacks… All the Bar Snacks!

In the first  week or so the only food options available in the evening were the Bar Snacks– which was completely understandable considering they were offering so many different options and were still finding their feet. Naturally, we made the most of this and adapted an ‘order one of everything’ approach!

Chicken wings in Louisiana wing sauce

Two of our favourite snacks we tried were the ‘Chicken wings in Louisiana wing sauce’ and the ‘Dirty but delicious Nachos’. We also had the Halloumi fries in pomegranate molasses which were unreal, as well as the ‘Bears Burger’ which has not been topped by any other burger I’ve tried since then.

Dirty but delicious Nachos

DOGGO friendly

Of course, we wouldn’t be able to call it our Local without the seal of approval from our 8 month old Golden Retriever, Penny. She has been nicknamed the resident puppy of Finn & Bear, and the wonderful staff are always happy to see her and give her all the attention, which she of course loves.


58 The Shore, Edinburgh EH6 6RA
Phone: 0131 555 4636

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