Review: @Pizza, West End, Edinburgh

@Pizza, located on Charlotte Lane in the trendy West End of the City, right across from Indigo Yard is everything that is right with the world of informal dining- ‘counter culture’ aka super friendly, relaxed service, chilled atmosphere and unbeatably fast and delicious pizzas. (They make the bold claim of having your pizza ready in 90 seconds!)



Of course, there is the option to completely customise your pizza, which costs no more than the price of the above pizzas at a very affordable £9.50, and means you can choose everything from the dough, to the sauce and cheese, as well as veggies + proteins. Of course, we were feeling indecisive, and decided to leave it to the pros to get the taste combinations on point- and boy have they done a stellar job.

We ate:

His: Eat Meat Repeat


Her: Boombastic


We Shared: Their new ‘Garlic Pizza Bread’. Wow, this must’ve been one of the best garlic breads I’ve ever experienced in my 23 years on this planet. Hats off to the maker of this, I want the recipe!

We drank:

His: EBF Paolozzi (1), Apple & Bramble Craft Soda (1)

Her: EDF Paolozzi (1), Mango & Blood Orange Craft Soda (1)

We both went for the Edinburgh Beer Factory ‘Paolozzi’ Lager which was a lovely accompaniment to our pizzas. When it was time for dessert however, we decided to give the craft sodas a whirl. These were perfect both delicious and did a great job of quenching our thirst after all that garlic!

And for Dessert

We Shared: ‘Vanilla Sky’

If like me you have a bit of a sweet tooth, this is the one for you. You may be judging us for *almost* finishing this after two pizzas and a garlic pizza bread, but let’s not forget, dessert goes to the heart. This pizza featured Chocolate Sauce, Mixed Berries, Icing Sugar and Sweet Ricotta.

The Verdict

@Pizza really offers diners so much more than just pizza. It’s a culture. Although it’s only a stone’s throw away from Pizza Express, you really can’t compare them. With it’s industrial-chic fit out, chilled out atmosphere, free WiFi and iPhone charging points, it’s every millennial’s dream pizza joint.

Rating: ★★★★☆

4 Charlotte Lane, Edinburgh, EH2 4QZ
Phone: 0131 2855940
Opening times: Sunday – Thursday: 12PM – 10PM. Friday & Saturday: 12PM – 11PM 




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