Review: Perilous Potions by The Pop Up Geeks

We finally received our Hogwarts letters!

…Cue our first class: [Perilious] Potions!

They’re previous events have included themes based on The Walking Dead, Stranger Things and Game of Thrones… now they’re back in their now permanent venue situated in the Arches, with a Harry Potter theme!

Although we sadly missed out on the previous pop ups, you can tell a lot of thought and effort has gone into the fit out of this venue. Everything from the candles, to the floating Nimbus 2000, to the jazzed up playlist based on the soundtrack- this place oozes coziness and really does make you feel like you’ve just stepped into Hogsmeade.

We drank:

First round: We decided to leave our first drinks to the pro’s. I went for the ‘Basilisk’s Stare’ and my friend went for the ‘Dragonfire Dram’. Mine was filled with lemon, gin and blackberry and had been petrified by the Basilisk into a two tone jelly! I have to say I wasn’t sure what to expect from this and was a little surprised by the texture, but overall enjoyed it.


Second round: Next up we decided to try making our own perilous potions, with the help of the ‘Half Cut Prince’ of course. We both went for the ‘Gravitas Transversum’ – A powerful potion which defies gravity. This is a prosecco cocktail with a choice of peach, strawberry or elderberry flavouring. I went for elderberry and my friend went for peach.


What we liked: Although the unit is fairly small and restricted, we loved all the decor and ambience they had created with different lighting and the music was lovely. All the staff were fab and really added to the experience with both their capes and dramatic introductions! I enjoyed my first drink- it was tangy and sweet and like a dessert all at the same time!

What we didn’t like: We did both feel a little let down by the second round drinks, the ‘Gravitas Transversum’. We did have fun making the drinks initially, however they were very time consuming to make and to be honest we couldn’t really taste the peach or elderberry flavouring. All the cocktails were £8 which is fairly standard for Edinburgh, however as this was a very small glass of prosecco (maybe half a standard measure) with some flavourless bubbles mixed in it does seems quite steep.

Will we be back: Yes! The styling and atmosphere was wonderful and I’m happy to put the prosecco cocktail down to a bad choice on my part- I’d definitely be up for trying something different! They also have Butterbrews which sound delicious, as well as colour changing Gins and a selection of Wines.

Mischied Managed!


Arch 14, East Market Street, Edinburgh, EH8 8FS
Available until April 30th 2018
Opening times: Monday – Sunday 12pm – 1am

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