Review: Brunch @ Herringbone, Goldenacre

Easter Sunday Brunch in Trinity

After seeing Foodinburgh’s Instagram post, this place very quickly made its way to the top of our list of ‘never been, must try’ restaurants in Edinburgh. It had been mingling somewhere on this list for quite some time- it’s the kind of place we drive past every other day and always comment on how cute and cosy it looks, however as it’s located in Trinity it means it’s just that bit further away from home in Leith.

A quick scout on their Instagram and we discovered that it is in fact dog friendly! So Easter Sunday with the pooch seemed like the perfect opportunity, with a walk in Inverleith Park planned for after.

First up: Caffeination

We were both feeling a tad worse for wear so doubled up on our coffees and each had a fresh orange juice too! I had a Mocha and a Cappuccino and it definitely did the trick.

The Main Event

As always, we wanted to make the most of our visit and try as many things as possible, whilst still being able to walk the dog after! We went for 3 dishes that we shared: 1) The Full Breakfast, 2) Avocado with tomato, basil and lemon on toast, and 3) French Toast with bacon and maple syrup.

The Avocado on Toast was absolutely lovely with touches of lemon and basil, and beautiful Doorstop Wholemeal bread. The Full Breakfast featured perfectly poached eggs with gooey yolks (the one true test of a good breaky), bacon, tomato, haggis, black pudding and a sausage. Our only gripe with this dish was, you guessed it- ONE sausage? It was not good for sharing purposes, that’s for sure. The French Toast was also nice but personally I would’ve preferred streaky bacon and some more cooking on it, as it was back bacon with quite a lot of white uncooked fat.

The Verdict

Overall, we thoroughly enjoyed our Brunch at Herringbone. There were shortfalls for us, namely the small portions and fatty back bacon, however the prices were reflective of this. The coffee was also delicious and plentiful, the service was attentive and super friendly, and the decor was highly aesthetically pleasing. Penny was also well looked after with a water bowl on arrival. We will definitely be back, perhaps for dinner and drinks– we can’t wait to try a few of their cocktails which look a-ma-zing.

Food – 7/10
Atmosphere –9 /10
Service – 8/10
Value – 9/10

Ambience – laid back tunes, plenty of greenery and nice lighting, floor to ceiling windows.

2 South Trinity Road, Edinburgh, EH5 3NR
Phone: 0131 552 3292
Opening times: Monday – Sunday 9AM – Late


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