Review: ‘Cooking Wonka’ @ Six by Nico

After our first visit to Six by Nico in their opening week back in March, there was no doubt we would return and the launch of Nico’s new ‘Cooking Wonka‘ menu was the perfect excuse.


Aperitif & Snacks

fizzy lifting juice – marinated olives – sourdough – white chocolate & white truffle arancini – vanilla butter

Just like the previous menu, this one was full of lots of lovely little surprises, such as the ‘fizzy lifting juice’, complete with popping candy as well as those delicious arancini with a welcome dose of white chocolate.


#1 Reverse Cheese Board

gorgonzola royale – fizzy grapes – celery & apple gazpacho

We’re both partial to a cheese board at the end of the meal, but this was the first time we’d experienced it for the first of six courses. Nevertheless, it went down a treat. I’m not normally a fan of gazpacho (cold soup) but this was actually surprisingly refreshing and delicious.


#2 Beetroot Dib Dab (v)

heritage beetroot – smoked mackerel gribiche – beetroot sherbet

I’m not a big fan of fish so opted for the vegetarian version of this dish– basically the exact same but without the smoked mackerel lollipop. (For the avoidance of doubt, my dining partner said he enjoyed his very much!). As salads go this was again very refreshing and flavoursome, especially with the orange segments on top and we both liked the addition of the quails eggs too.


#3 Duck Sweetie Jar

liver parfait – blueberry chutney – hazelnut sable

I have to say, this course was a real treat and definitely up there with my favourites. Unlike any other parfait I’d had before this included toasted brioche, blueberries and hazelnuts and was served in the cutest little jam jar.


#4 Cauliflower BlackJack (v)

charred cauliflower – pearl barley risotto – liquorice

Before this dish arrived I have to admit I was a tad skeptical about the liquorice element, however it was a very subtle flavour that went really well with the cauliflower.


#5 Chocolate River

chicken – chorizo popcorn – candied olive – mole poblano sauce

This dish was certainly the source of much anticipation and rightly so.

I can confidently say this was our favourite savoury dish of the evening, with the most succulent chicken ballotine, teeny tiny choux buns and chorizo popcorn alongside mole poblano sauce which strangely tasted slightly chocolatey.


#6 Wonka Bar

peanut butter cheesecake – amarena cherry – chocolate soil

Just as you might expect, the ‘peanut butter cheesecake’ was not really a cheesecake at all. I don’t know how they did it and frankly I’m struggling to find the words to describe it… It’s texture was sort of creamy and sort of like the inside of a rollo– and flavour was of course 100% delicious. The itallian amarena cherries were delectable by themselves but we were surprised by how well they complimented the peanut butter and chocolate combination.


Lastly, we somehow managed to devour The Wonka Bar itself after we realised we had not been so lucky to find a golden ticket! Nevertheless this little bar of fruity white chocolate went down a treat– the flavour of orange, lemon and passionfruit left dancing on our palettes.


Food – 9/10
Atmosphere – 9/10
Service – 10/10
Value – 10/10

Ambience – Nice, soft lighting. Buzz from the open kitchen and as with any packed out restaurant, a lot of noise– which even drowned out the music we loved last time!

We thoroughly enjoyed the new menu however we both agree we liked ‘The Chippie” slightly more. This place is perfect for a quick pre-theatre meal out with friends/family/loved ones but their [clearly successful] business model is based on diners spending the minimum amount of time in the restaurant.

97 Hanover Street, Edinburgh, EH2 1DJ
Phone: 0131 225 5050
Opening times: Tuesday – Sunday, 12PM – 10PM
‘Cooking Wonka’ Menu available May 15th – June 24th

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