Review: ‘Mexico’ @ Six by Nico

Since Six by Nico opened back in March, we have been lucky to visit the contemporary fine dining restaurant twice, where we have been transported to The Chippie as well as Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory.

When the new Menu, ‘Mexico’ was announced earlier this month on their Facebook page we spared no time in getting ourselves booked in and stuck to our tradition of visiting on the first night.

Aperitif & Snacks

We started off the meal with some delicious snacks and an aperitif. We all remembered how good the ‘Fizzy Lifting Juice’ aperitif for the Wonka Menu was– so the Pineapple and Basil Margarita was something we had to try. As with the other menus, our snacks featured some gorgeous gordal olives, with freshly baked sourdough bread as well as a tasty smoked paprika butter.

tequila – cointreau – ginger

six by Nico Edinburgh Hanover street Mexico

quesadilla – jalapeno ketchup

six by Nico Edinburgh Hanover street Mexico

These tiny little quesadillas were the perfect start to our 6-course menu. They may look like fiddly little things but the jalapeno ketchup seemed to gel the tortilla chips together perfectly, not to mention the little pops of cheese in the middle.

#1 Chicken Thigh Taco

guacamole – strawberry salsa – whipped creme fraiche

six by Nico Edinburgh Hanover street Mexico

The first course featured a splendid chicken thigh taco. Thankfully, the dish had been designed so that whilst it did not look like a taco at first glance, all the key ingredients had been left in the original composure; with a beautiful, slightly crisp shell sitting underneath the succulent chicken thigh meat.

#2 Nachos

heritage tomato – housemade queso fresco – avocado gazpacho

six by Nico Edinburgh Hanover street Mexico

I have to admit, I struggled to stop myself from inhaling this course. With the scrumptiously crisp tortilla chip, creamy soft cheese as well as avocado, it was definitely the best *if not tiniest* plate of nachos I’ve ever had.

#3 Elote

sweetcorn risotto – green chorizo – pickled red peppers

six by Nico Edinburgh Hanover street Mexico

We both agreed that this was the most memorable dish for us, which is rather surprising when you take into account it’s pretty simple ingredients. However, this exactly the kind of dish that has helped Nico get the reputation he’s known for today– simple, unpretentious and otherwise modest ingredients, cooked with creative methods to showcase their flavours.

Sidenote: the ‘green chorizo’ was achieved by a coriander marinade, which gave a fantastic colour and flavour.

#4 Sea Bass Chilpachole Mixto

mussel escabeche – crab mole – sikil pak – orange

six by Nico Edinburgh Hanover street Mexico

#4 Pumpkin Tamales

sikil pak –  escabeche – orange – toasted pumpkin seed

six by Nico Edinburgh Hanover street Mexico

As I don’t eat fish, I was offered the vegetarian option for this course. Our waitress described them as pumpkin potato cakes and they were completely delicious and so full of flavour I didn’t think about the absence of meat at all.

#5 Pork Cheek Barbacoa

refried beans – tomatillo – rainbow chard – crackling

six by Nico Edinburgh Hanover street Mexico

#6 Chocolate Taco

tonka bean ganache – banana ice cream – chipotle & banana caramel

six by Nico Edinburgh Hanover street Mexico

We were all feeling the effects of the previous 5 courses and snacks so we were quite relieved that the 6th was this light and delicate dessert. The addition of tonka bean added a flavour full of both vanilla and cinnamon, which went really nicely with the chipotle and banana caramel.

The Verdict

Food – 10/10
Atmosphere – 10/10
Service – 10/10
Value – 10/10

Ambience – expect nostalgic 90s/00’s music and candle-lit tables, all around the buzz of the open kitchen, with the loveliest staff. Nice, soft lighting and TV’s showing live action from the pass.

After the stand out show that was Nico’s opening Menu, The Chippie, we both felt that the Wonka Menu, although very good, didn’t quite meet the expectations previously set. However, we both agreed that this menu was just as good- if not better- than their first. Every single course, even the vegetarian one, was bursting with flavour and prepared to an unbeatable standard with fresh, simple ingredients. No gimmicks, no fuss, just straightforward, honest food with a twist.

97 Hanover Street, Edinburgh, EH2 1DJ
Phone: 0131 225 5050
Opening times: Tuesday – Sunday, 12PM – 10PM
‘Mexico’ Menu available June 26th – August 5th

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